File you_crazy_tourist_you_paid_too_much_for_my_oranges_hahah.jpg
Foto: 1/12 you crazy tourist you paid too much for my oranges hahah
File market_of_thuan_chau.jpg
Foto: 2/12 market of thuan chau
File thai_lady.jpg
Foto: 3/12 thai lady
File street_of_thuan_chau.jpg
Foto: 4/12 street of thuan chau
File watch_out_for_the_truck.jpg
Foto: 5/12 watch out for the truck
File lady_double_dealer.jpg
Foto: 6/12 lady double dealer
File shaking_the_rice.jpg
Foto: 7/12 shaking the rice
File chicken_to_night.jpg
Foto: 8/12 chicken to night
File starting_the_motorbike.jpg
Foto: 9/12 starting the motorbike
File balanced_transport.jpg
Foto: 10/12 balanced transport
File 1000_dong.jpg
Foto: 11/12 1000 dong
File police_man.jpg
Foto: 12/12 police man